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The Fanatical Mindset You MUST Have to Stick With a Passive Website

I’ve told you that I’ve started — and failed — over and over again in building a passive income website.

It seemed like the same cycle would repeat itself. I’d read everything I could about getting started on a passive site. I’d get ridiculously excited about an idea. I’d start writing. I’d build a website. And then… nothing.

Afterward I would feel like a bum. I mean I would really beat myself up. I had just wasted a ton of time and energy working on something that failed. Worse yet, every time I failed, the idea that I could actually build a passive income stream from a website seemed that much harder. It began to seem like something that Internet shills were lying about to sell you a product, but that was nearly impossible for the average person to actually do.

But then, something changed. I took a drastic leap of faith in my mindset to a way of thinking that could have made me waste 10 times more time and energy if I was wrong.

What happened, however, was the exact opposite. I credit what I’m about to tell you with my entire success in building a passive income stream that’s paid me more than $1,300 a month.

The key is that is that I told myself I wouldn’t worry about any success for an entire year.

Instead, I told myself that I would continue to write and work on the site no matter what happened with traffic or income. I just wasn’t going to worry about any results for 12 months.

That mindset is fanatical. It’s crazy. It’s ridiculously hard to adhere to. When you are working on something every day without seeing any success, you are going to get discouraged. You’re going to want to quit. All the other failed ventures I had experienced had one thing in common — within three months of starting I had already quit working on them and moved on to the next project after they didn’t see initial success.

Think of it like a diet. If you stick with it for a day and don’t see any weight loss, you aren’t going to give up. After a week of no progress, you will start to question things. And if an entire month passed without any weight loss, no one in their right mind would keep on the diet. An entire year? Forget it. With passive sites, you have to keep pushing yourself, even if you don’t see instant results.

So what happened when I made myself stick with one project for an entire year? Well, it took me more than three full months before I consistently had just 10 visitors per day. From there, however, there was a steady rise in both traffic and income. Six months into the project I was reaching 50 visitors per day. And after an entire year, I was seeing 200 visits each day.

first year website traffic

Income grew at a similar rate. It took six months before I consistently earned $1 per day from my site. At the end of one year, I was earning between $15-20 per day.

Of course, there are dozens of ways I could make success come quicker by building traffic and partnerships. My entire goal behind the site, however, was to create something that was as passive as possible. All my traffic was “free” visits generated organically from search engine. If you go this same route, it simply takes time to see results.

If you are looking to build a passive website that allows you to work from home, I hope you’ll know that success won’t come overnight. But stick with it and it will pay off.

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