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Home / Miscellaneous / Review (With Earnings) Review (With Earnings) is one of the most popular of several sites that allow users to register, complete marketing offers, and earn cash in return. If you’re unfamiliar with these sorts of sites, the premise is straightforward. Companies are willing to pay to to ensure they reach potential customers or to get consumer information. Sites like SendEarnings earn money from these companies by directing people to their marketing. Since you are the one actually doing the work, the sites will give you a portion of the money they earn.

As SendEarnings explains:

Advertisers pay SendEarnings to reach consumers like you. Through programs ranging from paid online surveys to PaidEmail, SendEarnings shares the revenue we receive from advertisers with our Members. Your time and participation are valuable, so join now to be rewarded!

We recently signed up for the website to give you all the details and see if is legit.

Getting Started

Signing up is extremely simple, and allows you to earn your first $5, just for registering. After visiting, you’ll see a “Free! Join Today” button. Click that and you’ll see the pop-up to create an account.

sign-up box

Once you sign up, you’ll still need to activate your account via email. After you do this, you’ll have already earned your $5 sign-up bonus.

Earning Money with SendEarnings

Logging into the site for your first time can be a little overwhelming. You’ll see a ton of different offers and ways to earn money. Here’s what the home screen will looks like:

home screen

On the top right you’ll see your most important account information — your earnings. As you earn money, you’ll see it reflected here instantly. Below that you’ll see available emails (more on this in a moment) and surveys. These are two of the easiest ways to make money.

So how do you actually earn on SendEarnings? As we said, there are quite a few different ways. Here’s a rundown:

Under the “Offers” tab is where you’ll find the biggest moneymakers. Offers are usually tied to buying a product, so you can think of many of them as rebates. For instance, here is an offer to subscribe to The Economist for $15 for the first 12 weeks, which will pay you $15 (making the subscription free).


Offers pay a wide range of cash, from $0.25 to $20.00.


Surveys on are plentiful. In the top right of the home page you’ll see the number of surveys you are eligible to answer. In our experience the surveys are relatively low-paying for the time required ($0.25-0.50 for a 15 minute survey). We like that the site tells you an estimated time to complete each survey, which keeps you from spending a lot of time for little pay.

Surveys typically pay $0.25 to $0.75 each.

SendEarnings’ games fall into two categories. First there are casino games (slot machines) that you play for tokens. These games are free to play, but you can buy more tokens to replenish your account. For any money you spend on tokens, you’ll receive 10% cash back. Second, there are cash games where you enter tournaments for an entry fee and can earn cash if you win. These require money to earn cash, but can also be played for free.

Games pay 10% of token purchases, or prize money for tournaments.

Easy Cash
These opportunities are similar to “Offers,” except they don’t require any purchases. As a result, they pay a bit less. Easy cash offers usually involve creating an account with another company. For instance, here is an offer for Opinion Square to earn $3 by registering for a new account.

send earnings offer

Easy Cash pay $0.25 to $20.00.

SendEarnings has its own search engine that you can use to earn a few cents here and there. The earnings aren’t spectacular, and to be honest, the search results aren’t either. We tried searching for a few things and earned pennies. We’d much rather stick with Google.

Search pays up to $0.15 per day.

In the “Videos” section you’ll have the opportunity to make money by watching videos and completing activities like surveys. The videos revolve around marketing, but aren’t usually commercials. You might watch an actor discuss and upcoming movie or see an in-depth profile of a new car. It’s still marketing designed to tell you about a product, but it’s a bit more interesting than a typical commercial.

Videos pay varied amounts, but many pay $0.01 to watch a 2-minute video.

SendEarnings deals offer some impressive cash back for things you buy anyway. The deals fall into three groups: Groupon, Coupons, and Shopping. Groupon deals are just like typical Groupon offers, except if you buy through SendEarnings you earn cash on your purchase. Coupons not only allow you to save money, but for each one your redeem, you’ll earn $0.10. Shopping allows you to earn 2-5% on your online purchases at dozens of online stores (such as Walmart and Old Navy). For those wanting to earn over the long-term, we think this section offers the best way to make serious money.

Deals pay varied amounts, usually a percentage of your purchase.

PaidEmail is where you’ll see the most plentiful opportunities with SendEarnings. When you sign-up, you’ll receive 2-4 emails per day to your inbox. These emails are usually telling you about the current offers available to you, so they are actually pretty helpful. When you click “Confirm this PaidEmail” you automatically earn $0.02. That doesn’t sound like much, but considering it only takes a couple of seconds, it’s worth the time.

Paid email

PaidEmails pay $0.02 per email read.

My List Bonuses
One final spot where you can earn are with “My Lists.” These are short checklists that if you complete, you can earn a bonus amount. Since you earn money for doing the items on the list anyway, the bonuses are a nice addition.

My list earnings bonus

My List bonuses pay $0.50 to $1.00.

Reaching Gold Membership

As you earn money, you’ll have the opportunity to go from a regular membership to a Gold membership. Your status will change automatically after you earn $30 total on the account. The upgraded membership comes with several perks that allow you to earn even more cash and faster check processing time.

gold membership

Cashing Out Money

Unlike most other online work from home opportunities, SendEarnings mails earnings out as physical checks, not PayPal payments. Once you have reached $30 on your account (which also gives you Gold membership), you can request a payment. If you aren’t yet a Gold member, your check takes two weeks to process.

Review of our SendEarnings Experience is a great opportunity to earn a few extra bucks. Anyone can sign up and start earning money today. We especially like that earnings are instantly reflected in your account balance. Don’t expect to make a living off the site. It does take a while to earn the $30 threshold to receive a payment. However, if you use it regularly (especially buying through the “Deals” section), you can earn money.

One note: We’d recommend not signing up for the site with your regular email address. Members receive a massive amount of email from the site, as you can see below:

email inbox

You can visit this link to register for the site.

Do you have experience using Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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