Wednesday , January 17 2018
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Why Did my Google Ad Revenue Drop Today?

Google adsense image

If you have a website that makes consistent money from Google Adsense, then you’ve likely had the experience. Your site is humming along, making regular income. Then one day you login to your account, and something seems wrong. The income you’ve earned so far that day seems way too low. ...

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[Study] 34% of U.S. Workforce Freelances; 60% Earn More Than With Traditional Employment in a Year

Over the past several years, there has been a definitive increase in freelancing. This trend comes as freelance opportunities become more commonplace thanks to the rise of the “gig economy.” Meanwhile, companies seem more comfortable hiring freelance or contract workers rather than bringing on full-time hires. To learn more about ...

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The Mistake 75% of Freelancers Make on Their Pitch… And How to Fix It

Freelancer at desk

What I’m going to tell you should seem like common sense. But you’d be surprised at how many freelancers make this huge mistake. It’s a tip that could take your freelance income from hundreds of dollars to thousands every month. If you’re already making thousands of dollars from your freelance ...

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The Fanatical Mindset You MUST Have to Stick With a Passive Website

fanatical blogging mindset

I’ve told you that I’ve started — and failed — over and over again in building a passive income website. It seemed like the same cycle would repeat itself. I’d read everything I could about getting started on a passive site. I’d get ridiculously excited about an idea. I’d start ...

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We Just Tested Out Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Here’s What Happened…

mechanical turk

The Mechanical Turk was a chess-playing robot from the 1700s that amazed crowds by being able to beat humans at the game. The Turk even beat Napoleon and Ben Franklin in exhibitions. It turned out that the machine was actually operated by a person sitting inside. Amazon took the name ...

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9 Reasons Why We Want to Work at Home

Work from home image

We are undergoing a dramatic shift in work. The idea of 40 years at one company, followed by a golden watch and easy retirement are dead. Today we change jobs more than ever before. At the same time, we are also becoming more entrepreneurial. According to recent surveys, 53 million ...

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