Wednesday , January 17 2018
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[Study] 34% of U.S. Workforce Freelances; 60% Earn More Than With Traditional Employment in a Year

Over the past several years, there has been a definitive increase in freelancing. This trend comes as freelance opportunities become more commonplace thanks to the rise of the “gig economy.” Meanwhile, companies seem more comfortable hiring freelance or contract workers rather than bringing on full-time hires. To learn more about ...

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The Mistake 75% of Freelancers Make on Their Pitch… And How to Fix It

Freelancer at desk

What I’m going to tell you should seem like common sense. But you’d be surprised at how many freelancers make this huge mistake. It’s a tip that could take your freelance income from hundreds of dollars to thousands every month. If you’re already making thousands of dollars from your freelance ...

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How to Ace the Freelance Writing Test

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For close to a decade I worked at a financial publisher; a company that provided investment commentary. Our site received nearly a million visits each month. We would publish dozens of articles in a week. Needless to say, we hired dozens of freelancers over the years to help with that ...

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4 Freelance Opportunities You Didn’t Know Existed

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Tell someone that you’re a freelancer, and the image of someone hunched over a keyboard working on an article pops into their mind. The truth is that freelance opportunities available are so much more than just writing or editing. If you have a skill, then you can practice it on ...

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